Steven Ebel


This upcoming season is my most exciting yet!


Steuermann - Fliegender Hollaender - Staatstheater Mainz (Germany)
Le Chevalier - Dialogues des Carmelites - Staatstheater Mainz
Max - Der Freischuetz  - Konzertchor Eintracht Albstadt Ebingen e.V (Germany)
Recital of my own compositions with David Gowland, piano - Jette Parker Young Artists Programme - London (UK)
Gerontius - Dream of Gerontius - Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (USA)
Masterclasses at the University of Wisconsin Madison (Voice, Stage Fright, Composition) (USA)
Direktor - FREAX (World Premiere Opera, Moritz Eggert) - Theater Regensburg  (Germany)
Capito - Mathis der Maler - Staatstheater Mainz (Germany)
Gerontius - Dream of Gerontius - Theater Regensburg at Audimax (Germany)
Lysander - Midsummer Night's Dream  - Staatstheater Mainz (Germany)
Der Priester - Babylon - by Joerg Widmann - Radio Filharmonisch Okrest - Concertabow Amsterdam (Holland)
ErikFliegender Hollaender - Theater Regensburg (open air performance) (Germany)