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My debut album as a composer and singer to be released on December 9th on Itunes, Amazon and GooglePlay

Two song cycles to texts of Rainer Maria Rilke, in German.

Tagebuch eines jungen Dichters (Diary of a Young Poet) [2009]
Der Schatzgräber (The Treasurseeker) [2010]

Steven Ebel, tenor & composer
Philip Dahlem, piano
Marko Bärtel, narrator


Recorded October 2016 at the Musik akademie diapason in Karlsruhe-Durlach, Germany. 

Recorded, mixed and mastered  by Manuel Urrutia

Turquoise Coconut Recording Label (London, UK)


                  Philip Dahlem

                  Philip Dahlem

Philip Dahlem, piano, received his Bachelors in piano performance from the Freiburg Conservatory of Music and is currently finishing his masters degree from the Karlsruhe Conservatory under the tutelage of Professor Helmut Höll. 

                 Marko Bärtel

                Marko Bärtel

Marko Bärtel, Erzähler - als ein Tenor, Marko Bartel begann zunächst ein Lehramtsstudium für Musik in Trossingen. Seither ist er regelmäßig als Solist und Ensemblesänger aktiv. Parallel zum Studium erhält er ergänzende private Gesangsstudien bei Melanie Walz in Stuttgart. 2015 folgt ein Orts- und Studienwechsel nach Karlsruhe, wo er gegenwäritg Musikwissenschaft/Musikinformatik und (seit April 2016) Gesang bei Prof. Hanno Müller-Brachmann studiert.

Marko Bärtel, as a tenor he began his studies in Music Education at the Music Conservatory in Trossingen Germany, since then he ris active as a soloist and ensemble singer. He studied with Melanie Walz in Stuttgart and since 2015 studies in the studio of Prof Hanno Müller-Brachman at the Music Conservatory in Karlsruhe, Germany, where he also studies Music Technology and History.

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The Seeker
EUR 9,99
Turquoise Coconut